The Steward's bungalow was ready for occupation by the Summer of 1983, and demolition of the remainder could begin. It was stripped of all fittings for use in the caravan and a number of members gathered one evening to help in the demolition. In the event they were not needed as a J.C.B. was brought in, took one look at the shack" and it fell down! A huge bonfire saw the end of what had been the Painswick Club House and the site was ready to begin on the second phase. Two rather ancient caravans were purchased and moved on to the car park, one to serve as a changing room (for men) and the other as a bar - fitted with some of the equipment rescued from the old bar. It was fortunate indeed that the summer of 1984 was both warm and dry allowing after-match teas to be taken on the grass around the 18th green.
It was not until March 1985 that the new building was ready for occupation and the A.G.M. of that year was the first event to be held in the new Clubhouse. It had been a difficult and, at times, traumatic experience; but few of those present in March 1985 could have doubted the wisdom of the decision to build.
Subsequent developments have confirmed that view as the Club has gone from strength to strength. It is a matter of much pride to those involved that Painswick's reputation for friendly welcome and hospitality the prevailing atmosphere of 'bonhomie" that was a feature of the old building has been more than maintained in the new. For this was the fear uppermost in the mind of everyone at the time - could we both destroy and preserve at the same time?

The Club was indebted to various groups and individual members who offered their assistance and expertise in completing the internal work. The Seniors Section, for instance, decorated the interior, while the Ladies Section bought and made the curtains. There were many others who gave willingly of their time and it would be wrong to single out individuals. Since then, the Social Committee have financed various projects e.g. furniture, honours boards.

Latest progress

In 1994 a major building project was completed. The clubhouse is now considerably larger and on two floors containing changing rooms, lounge, restaurant, bar, office, professional shop and balcony. A second car park was also established below the clubhouse. The balcony overlooks a new 18th hole which was opened in 1998.
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